Lead generation strategy

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May 27, 2018
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May 27, 2018
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Lead generation strategy

Lead generation strategy describes the process of sparking interest in a product or service with the goal of developing sales pipeline.

Lead generation often uses social media and digital channels and has been undergoing significant changes in recent years from the rise of new online and social techniques. In particular, the vast amount of information easily attainable online has resulted in the rise of the “self-guided buyer” and the emergence of new techniques to qualify and develop potential prospects before passing them to your Sales team. This has had a significant impact on every company’s lead generation strategy.

Business audience does not want their attention bought, they want it earned, this simply means lead generation strategies need to be revamped across the industry to better meet the needs of the target market.

The first step is to create a compelling content, the second is to use the content created to convert visitors into leads.

The backbone of this is a compelling content. Compelling content plays a huge role in generating leads. At ROYAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS we generate tools to generate traffic like SEO, PPC and social platforms and make sure we create compelling contents as it is the key to establishing on the go.

Lead Capture

Since about half of your visitors will never return to your site if you do not adequately capture some bit of information from them. We make sure we find a way to get a working email address from them, we know visitors are not always willing to give this kind of personal information up. But with call-to-action buttons like “Sign up here” which we practically made synonymous with “We are going to spam you”, we have a proven way to get information from visitors.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are tools that provide value to your visitors in exchange for their contact information. With services like training video series, free trial, webinars, e-books, interview with an expert on relevant topic, we use lead magnets such as email opt-ins, subscriptions, and social media follows to fish for some sign of interest from their site’s visitors. The goal of this is to receive permission from visitors to follow up.

These free-of-charge educational tools will confide your visitors in your offering, allowing you to both obtain their email address and educate them on your business.

Landing Pages Conversation Techniques

Landing pages serve the dual purpose of capturing leads and warming up potential customers. Both of these are essential stepping-stones before moving a customer further down your sales funnel. We help create eye-catching landing pages for your website. We create either the lead generation landing page used to capture a user’s information in exchange for something or a click through landing page used to attract the visitor to the specific product or service that you are trying to sell. The goal is to educate.

Lead Scoring

We help create automation software that helps prioritize your leads according to their levels of engagement with your inbound marketing content and ultimately help you figure out who is ready to buy. It can also help you identify what they are interested in if setup correctly. This technique is used to quantify interactions that prospects have with your content by assigning points for different types of engagement. Examples of the different types of engagements and their point values might look like this: Downloading an e-book: 5 points, Watching a product overview video: 7 points, unsubscribe from a list: deduct 7 points etc.

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